Cinema Network

“LINIA KINO” was successfully sold to the “Industrial Union of Donbass” (ISD). ISD is one of the largest transnational companies holding a key position in Central and Eastern European steel production.

“LINIA KINO” is the owner of a cinema network, movie distribution companies and peripherals and equipment facilities for movie theaters, restaurants and advertising agencies.

“LINIA KINO” is comprised of a group of companies that include “KINO MANIA LTD” and “SINERGIYA LTD” “KINO MANIA LTD” and “SINERGIYA LTD” are two of the leading official movie distributors in Ukraine. They are the official movie distributors for Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema and Miramax Films. In October 2005, the “LINIA KINO” was sold for 4,831,979 UAH.

“LINIA KINO” has more than 300 employees.

The largest cinema complex is “ALLADIN” located in the Trading and Entertainment Center in Kiev. It contains four theatres that can accommodate 750 people. It is located in one of Kiev’s most highly populated districts – Poznyaky. The other Kiev cinemas are also located in the trading centers “Metropolis” (Obolon, Malinovskoho str., 12) and “Magellan” (Teremki, Akademika Glushkova str., 13 B).

The “LINIA KINO” cinema of Ivano Frankivsk is located in the center of the city.

All of the theaters of “LINIA KINO” have comfortable seats and offer customers a high level of service with DOLBY DIGITAL surround sound and high-tech wide screens. There are also snack bars and cafes at each of the theaters.

“LINIA KINO” also engages in advertising activity under the trade name of “KINOMEDIA”. “KINOMEDIA” is the leading operator of advertising in movie theatres in Ukraine since 2001.

“STRAHOVIY CONSULTING”, another affiliate of “LINIA KINO” is a distributor of machinery and peripherals to movie theaters, and equipment for restaurants, snack bars and cafes. “STRAHOVIY CONSULTING” delivers the following products: sound and video equipment for cinemas, chairs, armchairs and sofas, and equipment for snack bars.

LINIA KINO was successful ly sold to Industrial Union of Donbass (ISD) ISD is amongst the largest transna tional companies holding a key position in Central and Eastern European steel production.